The switch from finance to wine

Well, here I am. Kinda figured this is how it would be. You know, wine started as something intimate, some sort of secret that my wife and I shared. Little did I know what was out there to be found. Over a short amount of time, I’ve made some great friends, been involved with memorable events. I just keep digging in deeper. Nowadays, it seems everywhere I go, everyone I meet..I bring up wine. Funny as it seems, usually, they have a similar passion. It’s one of those thoughts that I flirted with over the last couple of years. Slowly, it went from admiring massive chateaux, to idealizing the boutique wineries not too far from my home in the Napa and Sonoma area. Peeking in deeper, I learned about the people behind the wine. The dirt, passion, and sacrifice that is involved. The heartbreak, the success. All of it pulled my interest. Switching each conversation to something wine related has been an odd occurrence to say the least. To want to not speak about wine, to avoid bringing up vineyards, climate, soil types, varietals, its been a chore attempting these subjects  much of the time.

Who could blame me? Passing through Sonoma, seeing people out there breaking their backs for something they love is an amazing site. To see the neat rows of vines looking perfect and knowing someone had to put there trust, love and passion into each row is something truly admirable. I know I should be thinking about finance, and stability, if only the two were even close to meeting nowadays, I might be able to somewhat make myself up to the thought of returning to it all. As it is, I’m on the hunt for a position with a winery. Where it takes me…I have no idea. But, the short story is that I am clear that I know what I want to do.

My main interest is finding a winery where I can learn as much as possible in the cellar and stay there for a while. An internship is nice. But, a longer stretch of time would be better. All the while, I am keeping my eyes set on Burgundy. Though, who is to say what will be?

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