Learning the Ropes

Looking back on this Harvest I can think back to all the things that I learned. Some took more attempts than I’d care to admit. And, the flip side is that I had to ask question after question to get there. Well…maybe I asked questions that didn’t need to be asked a lot too. But, you have to learn somehow, right. Not only was I shown how to do things, I was shown the right way to do things. Learningt he ropes can be summarized by doing things with care. Thinking ahead, being smart, efficient, and proactive. Eric was a big help, exceedingly patient, and a hell of a teacher. With both him and Ed Kurtzman as my mentors, you couldn’t ask for more. In 07, Eric made a zin from the same fruit Sonoma County fruit source as Fones. And, this year, they both made Pinot Noir from Keefer Ranch. Eric is making his wine under his new Amelle label. Do yourself a favor and sign up for the list (eric@freemanwinery.com). I wouldn’t usually plug something from someone I know. But, this label shows a crazy amount of promise. Thanks again for everything Eric!

4 thoughts on “Learning the Ropes

  1. Ray, I have enjoyed reading your blog. Lots of good information! Good luck to you on your wine journey.

    Carol (John, the other intern’s Mom)

  2. the pictures and video are outstanding Ray…you're giving people a first hand, nitty gritty view of all your learning experiences & it's great to see! Keep it up my friend.

  3. Thanks Brad! Glad you enjoy it. I wanted to put something out there to show what goes on behind the scenes. Nothing too ‘tasting room access’, you know. I’m enjoying your blog as well. Keep up the great work Brad!

  4. And Carol, thank you very much for the kind words. John was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. Like I’ve told him, he and Eric are onto an amazing path.

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