Sleep, who needs it?

Lately, things have been steamrolling for the project. The endless tasks, chores and items on the ‘to do’ list seem to be falling into place more and more. Sure, things are still difficult. I didn’t expect to try to move to a foreign country to make wine and expect the locals to fall over themselves to help me. Yet, it’s actually taking place along those lines more so than I would have thought. People have been quite helpful, supportive and all to willing to share their experiences with me. Each person that signs the guest book, fills out the mailing list, returns my calls, asks me a question, or shares their experiences is part of this project. Everyone has been key in making something tangible and solid from a dream of mine. 

Sleep? No, can’t say that I’ve had much of that. I’ve been too distracted to even toss and turn in bed. The long days of Visas, passports, viticulture methods, business registration forms, French studying, flight plans, and things of that lot make it difficult to end the day. It’s tough knowing that there is so much more to do. At this point I see why so many winemakers have told me that making the wine is the easiest part. One thing is true though, with each step it’s getting closer to becoming a reality.   

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