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After visiting vineyards in Chambolle-Musigny with Eric Bourgogne, the vineyard manager of Comte Georges de Vogue, my mind keeps wandering back to things he mentioned while there checking out Bonnes Mares, Musigny, and the beautiful Les Amoureuses. Have to admit, I kept the camera at home, I wanted to take in every word that was told to me. He spoke about vineyard management keeping away from soil fertilizers, pruning low, and spraying the vines for protection as their only chemical interference. Terroir was conveyed to me on a much smaller scale than ever before. Eric mentioned the close relationship with nature, embracing the bugs on the top of the soil and the worms living beneath. Sure, for many this level of attention is at times hard to digest but it certainly made me think about things on a much smaller scale.

After coming back home, I’ve been researching the history of the vineyards in Burgundy. Not just the wines. That would be less valuable for me. Looking at the simply the wines or the end result is cutting short the importance of the vineyards and disregarding a bit of the origins producing the raw material. I’m especially interested in reading older articles and books on the subject to see what philosophies have changed or mutated,and why. Vineyard spacing, soil types, drainage, vintage differences effecting the vineyard, pruning, vine age, trellis type (if at all), diseases, chemicals, machines, tools, growing season length, everything is of importance. Can’t wait to get my grubby hands on some more info. I’ll be sure to update with thoughts.

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