Name change to Maison Ilan, project development


Well, it’s official. After visiting Burgundy, and speaking with a bunch of friends, it made a lot of sense to change the name of our Project to Maison Ilan.

Ilan is my daughter’s middle name. The winery was named after her. So, if you end up not liking the wine, take it up with her.

At this point, the name isn’t of great importance in comparison to the task at hand.

Aside from changing names, branding, etc, I’ve been busy registering the company in France. Things are looking good. I’ll make sure to keep you posted with updates. Yet I’ve been offline since the main activity of late has been business registration, materials planning and studying French. I wouldn’t want to have a blog where I describe everything including which color socks I chose to wear today.

One more random thought. The traffic to the site and this blog have been great! Thank you for everyone taking a look and signing up for the Mailing List. We are currently around 400+ already on the Mailing List. It would be helpful to hear your thoughts on the site and/or blog while you stop by. Also, what would you like to see in the blog?

2 thoughts on “Name change to Maison Ilan, project development

  1. Well done good to see thing are going well! Sent you a mail earlier this month! Have a look!

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