the future home of Maison Ilan?


View of Cuverie House

A good friend of mine in Burgundy, Fabrice has been working very hard to pull together all of my various loose ends. A few months ago, I was shown this facility in Beaune, just outside of the central village ring. I was impressed, but more consumed with a different option.

Looking deeper into the property Fabrice found, it has an amazing amount of potential. The cuverie is attached to a modest house. However, this cuverie from the early 1910’s has so much character and charm. There is a main floor for the winery, an attic for storage and plenty of room below ground in the brick lined cave. This will most likely be the future home of Maison Ilan.


Courtyard view of cuverie


Exterior of cuverie

P1040377Loading/Unloading Dock


Interior of Cuverie


Interior of Cuverie w/ attic access


Brick lined cave


Cave with wall storage


Arched brick ceilings


Stairs to courtyard

What are your thoughts on the facility?


EDIT: After sitting vacant for over a year, the owner’s of the facility requested 9 years rent in advance from me. I respectfully declined. Shortly after, a wine maker from St Aubin was to sit at a table to sign contracts. As odd as this sounds, an item in the contract restricted the tenant from making wine…in the winery.

It seems I in fact did not miss out on a thing.


7 thoughts on “the future home of Maison Ilan?

  1. Thanks for the comments guys! Brian, there is great access to both main floor and the below ground cave. There are double doors, a barrel ramp, and a lift. These are much better options than just using stairs like some in Burgundy producers do each year. I will add some more photos tonight.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jack, we really enjoy Beaune as well. It is going to be nice to be so central to everything.

    @ Dan,thank you. I can’t wait to get to those bricks with a pressure washer. That’s about 100 years worth of color. The floor is clean, but I have a few ideas for making things better.

    Thanks again for viewing the blog and contributing guys!

  3. Is this location on the Route de Pommard, just South of the car wash about a block? Looks like a great location. Tough times to be getting started!

  4. Hey Keith, its on the other side of the ring…closer to to the Carrefour Supermarche. Its still a nice area. 🙂 Times are tough to start a business, sure. However, these are the times for opportunities. Thanks for the visit. Cheers!

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