Fruit Sources Coming In…

It’s been quite busy around here lately. The facility negotiations are going well, equipment is being sorted out (unintentional pun – but it stays) and finally, fruit sources are starting to be solidified. This is excellent news, much needed news at that. Thanks to some very generous friends in the States connecting me with new friends in Burgundy, it looks like Maison Ilan may not only have some brilliantly situated 1er Cru, but also some Grand Cru – both from the Cote de Nuits! Sadly, I have to keep the vineyards to myself for the time being. Burgundy is home to not only beautiful vineyards, villages and food, there simply is not enough room for secrets. Trust me, this is very good news. Both of these sources are being offered in grapes(as opposed to buying wine past the primary fermentation in barrel), the Grand Cru being quite the rarity for a newcomer such as myself. 😉

More updates are soon to come.


2 thoughts on “Fruit Sources Coming In…

  1. Ray,
    I couldn’t be more happy for you pursuing your dream. As you’ve probably already experienced, there will be highs and lows but at the end of the day having the opportunity to pursue your passion is worth the ride. If not via email and phone, I’ll keep up with you through the site. Bonne Chance!

  2. Thanks Mark! I really appreciate it. It most certainly has been a ride already. I’m looking forward to seeing both the peaks as well as the valleys. If nothing else, I feel alive and on the right path.


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