Beaune: Out/ Puligny-Montrachet: In


A short while back, I posted about my find in Beaune, an excellent facility. Well, as things happen at times, it fell through. With excellent fruit on the way, along with equipment you can say I went looking for something better with a fury. As luck would have it, I found something better, more suitable to the project.

Located in Puligny-Montrachet, the house comes with a petite cave and an adequate cuverie. I have a good amount of room to work with and some clever options to play with. This time around, contracts are in play. With harvest rushing at me at break neck speeds, I now have a calm over me, knowing that things worked out best in spite of the hurdle that was Beaune.

I’d like to give a big thanks to Francoise for doing all of the legwork.

Guys, wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Beaune: Out/ Puligny-Montrachet: In

  1. Delighted to hear you found another location. It seems real Estate in France is not as easy as it seems. An odd idea, to try to lease a winery, and be prohibited from making wine there! Where is your place in Puligny?

  2. Hey Keith,
    let’s just say that I have some very big news waiting in the wings. I am slowly learning to keep things off the blog until things are set. This time around….there was a bit of an upgrade so to speak. 😉

  3. Keeping things close to your chest until finalized is a very good plan. I was surprised to hear Puligny, since the high water table makes cellars more difficult. Harvest is less than a month away, so I hope you get everything squared away in very short order. It has to be a bit nerve-wracking!

  4. Keith,
    you said it! I am trying to keep things as tight as possible. And you are right about Puligny, the cellar at the location got a bit warm and lacked humidity. I would have thought the humidity would have been higher. However, as it turns out the cellars are a bit more shallow as well due to the water table.

    I am leaving next Friday and starting with Olivier Leflaive on the 1st of September. So, in my mind, I don’t have a month at all. That said, I was fortunate to plan ahead and things are lined up fairly well.

    Stay tuned for more details…

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