Cellar work with Ed

For the last few weeks, I have been in San Francisco (off Bayshore) at August West lending a hand with racking and washing barrels, bottling and anything else that pops up. Working with Ed Kurtzman is such a pleasure. I can’t say I know a more intelligent or more kind friend. The feeling in the winery is so relaxed, yet focused. There is an amazing energy around Ed and the winery.

So, I’ve been sore. All of the physical repetition of moving from Sonoma County to Marin County reminded me that I need to work out more often than just Harvest and lifting cases of wine. Its a good sore though. And, moving barrels, stacking cases, climbing in and out of tanks…I missed it more than I could ever attempt to describe. With everything going on with the project in France, and working in San Francisco leading up to Harvest, I feel exceptionally thankful to be in this position.

Next week, we’ll be racking Roar barrels. Be sure to check it out, I’ll have some vids of lees dumping, etc.


3 thoughts on “Cellar work with Ed

  1. Dave, looking forward to it! Tim, you’ll have a bunch of fun. I might be off to Burgundy. But, it’ll be great to meet you sometime.

    Cheers Guys!

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