No Apologies

Alright, so while I was reading Julia Child’s memoirs…wait, let’s try this again from the top:

Many of you have seen how I am obsessed with learning about French culture, language, etc. So, before my plane to Paris, my excitement got a bit too…well, out of hand. I knew I would be stuck on a plane for a good while. And I saw the Julia Child movie was just released and so I thought,’Julia Child, why not?’ I was actually quite embarassed about it at the time.

Anyhow, so the book is actually very interesting since moving to France as an American is filled with odd moments and hearing about others’ difficulties can be a big help.

One of these chapters she mentions something about not apologizing for or being self deprecating about your cooking. She said that it is pathetic as you place those around you in a situation to either pat you on the back (which may or may not be warrented), or they agree and agree with your assessment as being poorly skilled. Today, that thought came upon me as I caught myself settling into the habit of asking if my accent was poor or asking how good my French was. I hadn’t heard anything less than compliments when I backed people into a wall. But, you never m ow what the right answer is when you do what I began to get comfortable doing. So, I stopped asking how I spoke and now I just speak to the best of my ability and when others are speaking I watch, listen and learn. If someone wishes to correct me, I listen closely and things have been progressing well adhering to this method.

Trains coming, gotta go.


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