Finally Settled: Morey Saint Denis

Here we are, just a few weeks before harvest and I just signed my bail or rental agreement for the facility in…Morey Saint Denis.

After switching from here and there due to owners being unsure of whether they wanted to sell or rent I landed in the best place for Maison Ilan.

As I have mentioned before, I am getting 1er Cru fruit from Morey Saint Denis. The owners of these vines live right acros the street from the facility so we will go together to harvest the fruit and they will deliver the fruit for free. How’s that for service?

Also, being in Morey means I will be also close to my other Grand Cru fruit in Gevrey Chambertin. During harvest, the roads are filled with trucks delivering fruit, the fields aching from the surge of pickets scattered about and I am going to sidestep a major amount of this due to an excellent location.

I was previously worried about being located too far from the vines. And the caution to not be sure until you have a contract is certainly the truth. I can sleep tonight knowing I have the best place for my wines, and the contract is solid. Not too romantic, but this is how it is done.

Have a great weekend, mine is off to a great start!

2 thoughts on “Finally Settled: Morey Saint Denis

  1. I am getting thirsty just thinking about the possibilities, Ray! Not too romantic? My ass. You are living the dream, buddy. Remember that living the dream is not just the reward, but also lots and lots (and then even more) work.

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