What a day…



What a day! I know, I should be more reserved, much more reserved and act calm. But I can’t. Today I visited my cooper, Chassin who is making one new barrel for each of my lots. as well as supplying the used barrels from a well known micro négociant.  I had such a great time meeting with Stefan Chassin (he never seems to slow down, so this pic is quite accurate).

Tonnellerie Chassin

photo-5 Stefan Chassin

Now my numbers on new oak are confirmed:
Morey 1er Les Chaffots : 1/5 new
Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru 1/7 new (will ferment in Wood). I will most likely increase my order for another new barrel tomorrow
And Le Chambertin at 1/2 new

I wanted the Chambertin to be lower. But thats what you get with two
barrels worth of grapes: 0, 50 or 100% new oak.

I also met Mounir Saouma of Lucien Le Moine while at Chassin. What a
humor he has. It was a great pause when the sales manager asked Mounir if
he knew me. It seemed like he paused for nearly 10 seconds and said no
with a roaring laugh that instantly had me doubled over in laughter as
well. I replied that I knew of him from drinking his wines and he
playfully apologized. What a character.

Later, I visited my giraffe (grape escalator) at the huge facility where
I also purchased some tanks.

photo-2 Tank with adjustable top

Tomorrow, I will take delivery of some of my equipment and next week my
barrels start coming in. As usual, I will spend a good portion of the
night unable to go to sleep due to thinking about what tomorrow has in


PS…Anyone up for more photos?

photo-11More Chassin above and below


5 thoughts on “What a day…

  1. Am so impressed by what you are doing Ray, with the passion & commitment. Best wishes indeed for a thoroughly succesful outturn(not that I think you need them !).

    Am just back in the UK from Pernand (am a ‘fellow poster’ on Bill Nanson’s site) – pity no chance to meet up. Next time I’m on the Cote maybe.

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