Peeking over the fence

When I was in California, I noticed that is was common for Pinot noir makers that I know to give eachother a call, compare experiences with vintage and to possibly ask questions to one another. I enjoyed this idea that everyone was in the same boat and willig to have open lines of communication with their peers.

Before comin to Burgundy, I figured I had a good idea of what to expect. Everyone had been so nice that I was surprised in just how helpful everyone had been and continued to be. I was of course told by friends in the States and in France to expect this to turn once I was actually in the thick of Harvest.

While here, I have tried to be as organized and professional as possible. As it turns out, I benefitted from a few established (new) friends lending me a hand, picking bins, whatever it may be…and they seemed glad to do so. The goal out here seems to be the same as California at it’s root. The goal is to have everyone make the best wine possible from what the vineyard and vintage gives to you.

This last week, I was able to speak about and compare my vendage experience with others that are part of families that have been in the region for centuries. The amount of knowledge and general awareness is simply astonishing. This is truly a wine culture. I remember seeing children this year, beginning at age 7 going for lessons at the CFPPA (the wine academy) in Beaune. It’s amazing since I was nowhere near wine culture at that age aside from an occasional trip to the Russian River.

From speaking with others about this vintage, the majority of us are seeing classic numbers on alcohol, with bright fruit, yet with higher than expected ph numbers.
Round tannin feel along with some higher than average yields seem to be a mark of the vintage. Of course some places were hit with hail and yields cannot be so easy to plot for the entire region. Most said while pressing that the berries were quite generous with a lovely additional amount of free run.

Eventhough I enjoyed doing things my way this year, it is always enjoyable to peek over the fence once in a while.


2 thoughts on “Peeking over the fence

  1. I agree. I learn so much talking to others about their results and what they do and think about what they’ve produced. Glad you’re getting that over there. I’m an open book if you have questions about the Oregon experience. I’m most interested in Burgundy so I appreciate hearing what you’re up to. Keep up the good work.

  2. Vincent
    I’m glad people like sharing here as well. And I like that we are all sharing. I check out your blog and keep in touch with winemaker friends in Ca as well. Crazy that we all have so much in common typically. Keep up the great work as well!


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