Off to Burgundy

After being back in California for just 3 weeks I am leaving to go back to Burgundy tomorrow. I have a 7:45a flight into Paris.

Things have been nice being back in California. Seeing my family, playing with my daughter. Its unexplainable how much I missed my wife and daughter. The thing is, the winemaking isn’t quite over and it’s time to get back to business.

I’ve had a good friend, one of my grape brokers topping up my barrels since I was away. The wines were located in a temporary above ground facility in Saint Aubin while I set up my own facility. This upcoming week, I will be moving the wines to my facility in the center of Nuits Saint Georges. No more winery partners sharing space, just Maison Ilan. The facility also has a nice house attached where we will live starting next year.

Being so far from the wines has made me a bit nervous, impatient and now quite excited to get back to see them.

For now, it’s back to packing. I should make it to Burgundy just in time for the Hospice de Beaune vente de vin this Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “Off to Burgundy

  1. Sorry that you have to leave your family again, Ray. But Hospice de Beaune? You lucky dog! Take some pictures of your new place when you get everything moved.

  2. Hey Chris,
    thanks for the comment. It’s a strange feeling doing something for the future, for your dreams, something that includes your family and having to be so far from them while building it.

    And Beaune has been great…for the 22 hours I have been back (see above post).

    I just signed for the house/facility in NSG which will be ready in January. I will be first moving the wines to Beaune for a month and a half. The facility they are in currently is less than ideal with the winter months coming up. I’ll post some pics when the wines are cozy and in place.


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