An outside view to the Hospice de Beaune

People were in the streets watching the auction until quite late at night. I had no idea what to expect. But this is really an important time of celebration for a good many people. The streets were filled with carnival food like fare…French style of course. Cheeses, sausage, chicken, pizzas, tarts, hot dogs, kebabs, and pretty much all the food that is there during the Saturday market. The covered market was filled with auction goers and the crowd looking into the large windows was massive.

I did not visit inside as I had no intention of purchasing lots, and also arriving in Beaune just yesterday at noon. Peeking into the large windows to view the auction was easy if you didn’t mind being huddled in with the growing collection of onlookers scrambling to look over one another to get the best views of the lot monitor, the aution caller or the bid board. Meanwhile, at the foot of the Hotel Dieu, and throughout Place Carnot speakers were positioned in a way that all points around the area centre could hear the lot names and the bids as they were announced by the host.

The food was great. I spent more time going vendor to vendor sampling everything I could get my hands on while bumping into many friends caught taking in the local fare as well. The light shows were a hit as well. The church was lit up with a light show accenting each detail and curve while the walls of te Hotel Dieu played lightshows with angels with harps and other designs. From the outside walls of the centre, huge shows were plays with wine themes displaying views of cellars and ancient designs unique to Burgundy. It was a site seeing everyone there, frozen in interest, fighting the cold to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of this event. It was much more an inviting event than I expected.

Beaune us such a beautiful city, especially by night. From coming to the city, fresh from the train, (before that the 3 airplanes I took) it was well refreshing to just relax while just taking everything in.

I also did a bit of work. Well, I went to the winery to check in on the wines, which are moving right along. What a way to end my first night back.


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