Back to the roots

Following up to some ideas I had before arriving in Burgundy, I will be back in the vineyards in 2010, during Our winery’s down time. There is a great benefit to being a negociant in Burgundy. Less intensive capital needs, ability to pick and choose fruit, etc. However, I believe that there is a connection to the vines when you work within them that somehow aligns both fruit and man that can be somehow lost by simply staying within the walls of a cuverie without stepping out and getting your hands in the soil.

A few days ago I posed the question to my source in Morey Saint Denis if I could spend some time in the Les Chaffots 1er Cru vineyard and others to experience first hand what this vineyard feels like on a more intimate level. I’m not talking about a one hour photo op here. I will be just another hand working the vines. As connected as I feel with my wines, I know there is a benefit to be found in knowing your sources personally. Hopefully this will prove to be valuable experience for when I have my own vineyards here as well…


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