Patience in the cuverie

Out of all the traits which I aspire to, patience has been the most difficult for me to achieve. I’m naturally impatient, enjoying the thrill of tinkering and seeing results in real time. Slowly but surely, I’m being forced to come to grips with the truth of it all. I simply have to be more patient and trust what is in the barrel.

I have to confess that after taking in the grapes this year and working through the vinifications, I have felt a bit, well, left out. Seeing the appellations on the barrels, I keep thinking about how they ‘should’ and may taste when the elevage is finished. It’s a tortuous feeling. And all you can do is wait.

Since early on, the profile of the fermenting juice tasted different each day. The same was true after the primary fermentation was finished. All too often, having tasted the wine every other day, sometimes feeling unsure one moment and the next confident. Once in barrel, I’ve tried to lay off, backing away and letting the wines be what they will be.

That’s all for tonight…


One thought on “Patience in the cuverie

  1. Count me as one jealous bast*#@ that folks have already been sampling your first wines. Not to mention the glowing reports.

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