Back in Burgundy

January 3rd, 2010, and I am back in France. My wife and I are on a TGV heading from Paris – Gare de Lyon to Beaune. With so much to do within the next few weeks, it’s nearly exhausting just planning it all. However, the excitement of it all keeps the thoughts of the details just a moment away.

This is an important trip. A trip during a bit of a chilling time of the year, with temperature just south of 0*C with some snow. We will get the keys to the house in Nuits Saint Georges on Monday. Later that day, I will start filling in the cave floor with gravel. This means renting a large truck and going over to the Comblachien quarry, using buckets to transport the gravel from the truck to the cave and spreading the stones evenly. Should be a great way to keep in shape!

We will also transfer the 2009 barrels from Saint Aubin to the cave which will mean renting an even larger truck and placing in wooden bungs for the 40 minute drive. To further ensure the wine stays cool (not too difficult in 0*C temps) by bringing the wine over around 4am. I will research moving companies and speak with more domaines that have a similar barrel transportation issue (read recent post for more info) before making the decision of how to proceed with getting the wine down the stairs. My backup is to siphon out and fill by gravity.

With my wife seeing the house for the first time in person tomorrow, and all of my precious barrels being moved around this week….wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Back in Burgundy

  1. Hi Ray hope everything is going to plan both with the wines and house! I have never had any interest in becoming a vigneron but to follow you here has been a pleasure, I wish you all the best in your first vintage and hope to try them one day. Every visit I make to a Domaine is, with the odd exception, a real pleasure to see their enjoyment of us amateur enthusiasts tasting their new wines. I must admit intellectual tasting is not my thing and I limit this to the basic senses process prefering to drink with friends and being able to drink bottles purchased direct from many Domaines over the years has been wonderful, it just adds to that sense of place that is so evident once you have been to Burgundy. Well enough rambling from me and I hope to meet you soon. cheers Phil.

  2. Hey Phillip, Thank you for the wonderful comment. I agree that there is a great pleasure of speak with the winemaker and hearing their thoughts and experiences during the vintage. As a new winemaker, I still find an endless pleasure in visiting other domaines, and negociants to peak over the fence or to simply experience the vintage through someone else’s perspective.

    Everything is coming along well with the winery and the house. With the snow coming in strong this week, I will need to wait until Tuesday for my barrel supports and gravel. But I am sure the weekend rest will be welcomed before having the barrel move of next week.

    Thanks again for viewing and also for responding. It would be great to meet you one day as well.


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