At home in Nuits-Saint-Georges

We’ve been in Burgundy now for four days and things have been going exceptionally well. My wife Christian took quite well to the house, our new surroundings and thank God she loved the wine I made!

I would be remiss in not mentioning how happy I am that things are finally settled with the house, cuverie and cave. Throughout the year, I experienced disappointment after disappointment when it came to getting the location figured out. Unsigned contracts by owners who changed their minds, slow administrative processes, impossible requests from customs to make certain locations work, etcetra. I stayed focused and humble and it has paid off with dividends. Getting the keys this week has been quite momentous. For me, the dream has effectively been realized. Now the real work may begin.

Living in a new country is a strange thing. More specifically, going home to your house in a new country is a strange thing. It’s all very…comfortable. I had to admit that I am taken aback by just how comfortable it all is.

Walking down the street in Nuits, I’ve reintroduced myself to charcutrie owners, bakers, cafe owners, etcetra to let them know they have a new neighbor. It is important to let our neighbors know that we aren’t simply passing through. People have been very kind in expressing a warm welcome for us.

Coming from California and seeing snow outside our windows in Nuits this morning was beautiful. Thankfully, we have a nice amount of shops, stores and other points of interest close to us as well. There are a few changes to the house that are on the books once the weather heats up. For the moment, I cannot help but feel confident and excited about what will unfold next…


One thought on “At home in Nuits-Saint-Georges

  1. Looks a bit like Tahoe. I am glad you are settling into your new home in such a relaxed fashion. Best wishes and stay warm!!

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