Cave Updates

-2*C weather? Check. Snow throughout the courtyard? Check. Four tons of Comblanchien gravel? Check. Recently misaligned back? Check. Hmm…what’s missing? Ah. 10 slippery stairs to descend. Almost forgot about that.

So, 8am comes and I am very excited to have my rocks being delivered. Luckily, the courtyard doors are large enough to accomodate the huge delivery truck. This is welcomed news as I will be using this same set of doors to bring in my fruit truck during harvests.

Equally welcomed news was that my back seemed to be isssue free after having a brief (felt like years) 6 hour spasm session which began the day before the gravel delivery. Using a huge snow shovel and two 11 litre buckets, I carried almost all of the gravel IMO the cave myself. I say almost as my wife Christian was adventurous enough to get in on some of the fun! She did a great job by the way.

After roughly 3 hours, the cave floor was filled. The bottle storage area, the chais, all of it. What was interesting was just how quickly the soil fragrance disappeared as the gravel was spread around. I am very thankful of this result as I was not exactly sure if it would work.

Of note, looking around the cave, it appears that there were at one point two sets of stairs coming from the street side if the house. One into the chais, one into the bottle storage area. Also, in a few pics you may notice an unattractive brick patch job. Looking at the other side Of this wall you can see an ancient door frame about 5 feet in height. This confirms my thoughts that the house as it looks today was simply built over the existing cave that must date back atleast to the 1600’s judging by the architecture! I have plans to go to the city building to get mote info in this.

Just 15 minutes after the gravel was delivered, my mare (cement barrel runners) and sous mare (runner supports) were delivered. These measure 1.5M in length by 20cm high and 10cm wide. Solid cement, made by Marc Nomblot (the cement tank producer). I bought 19 of these and saw no way to have my wife help me bring them into the cave.
The truck that brought them had a boom with a palletjack tool which the conducted controlled wirelessly. I asked him if it was difficult and he said he got plenty of practice on Playstation. Lol. Funny guy.

Luckily, I met a new friend at the local Doras material warehouse which offered to help along with a friend. As they came just after the gravel was finished I ended up doing much more watching than helping. No pride in ruining your back. 😉

You’ll notice in the pics some color variation in the gravel from the snow which was still on some of the gravel (and much of the mares) when I brought them in. Each set of two (side by side) holds two barrels. I have four sets of two on each row. I will have four rows in total, making a total capacity of 32. The pics make the space look much smaller than it is.

As a side note, as the snow melted, the humidity spiked to 91%. Also, I have more mares and sous mares on delivery. Things like this are never easy to find in stock in generous quantity.

The barrels should be in next week…

More update to come.


3 thoughts on “Cave Updates

  1. Ray, the second picture from the bottom looks like you have a brick oven down there. It’s probably just shadow and doesn’t go that deep.

    Thanks for the pics.

  2. Hey Chris
    things are taking a bit more time than expected. Things should be set to move later this week. I plan to do a big post on the actual move. Also, I ordered the rest of my barrel supports. Should look nice down there once some wine is moved in…

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