Ready for the barrels

Thanks to a new friend I met at the local Doras material supply in Nuits Saint Georges the cave is now ready for barrels! The cave is ready to get back to housing wine in barrels after nearly a century of simply housing small amounts of wine in bottle.

Looking at the pictures of the cave, you can see on the left wall where a set of stairs entered the chais (barrel room). There was also another set of stairs (in the current bottle room) at one time as well. Of interest, there are two more old passages on each side of the cave toward the back wall. According to my friend, these passeges are common as a waypoint for those hiding or fleeing from soldiers during wars. I am quite curious to view the other side of these now sealed off passages. Placing curiousity aside, I will focus on the wine making and leave the detective work for later.

Next week, (after many administative delays – no comment!) I will bring the 09 vintage barrels over to their new home where they will rest a good while longer.

Many updates to follow.

As always, your comments are greatly appreciated.


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