A new négoce is in town

As a few of you have read, in 2009 things flew by quite quickly. Finding fruit, finding supplies, finding a facility, etc. All of this was difficult. One thing, above all others was difficult: the dreaded paperwork!

I will save you from the details of the grueling exhaustion that ensued. The enflamed hoops which I needed to jump through. Bottom line, today I revived my negociant license after over a year of paperwork madness. Now the work can begin…

So, here I sit. Lunchtime. Everyone is in their homes eating. I am waiting for the lunch hour to be over (2pm) to get moving. As luck would have it, while driving through Saint Aubin I spotted a generous vigneron who offered to help load my truck with my barrels.

Can you tell I am excited yet? More to follow.


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