A few updates – malos, labels and 2009 Futures…and moving

Its been quite some time since I last posted. In fact, this is the first February posting.

While away from Burgundy, I have a good friend, Charles, topping up the wines as well as running analysis. He is works with an analysis company in Beaune. Thankfully, my malos have yet to start, as I had hoped. My thinking is that a wine with a much longer malo will have more depth and ‘completeness’ as compared to one with a quick malo. My cold cave is doing a knockout job in keeping things arrested.

I have been doing a lot of work putting together the labels. In the scheme of things, this shouldn’t be something to dwell upon. No one tastes the label. However, I understand all too well the importance of brand identity and all that comes along with it. At the same time, I generally think that after a certain amount of time working and reworking something, you in fact begin to tear away at the positive attributes as well as losing some intangible ‘magic’. With this in mind, the label will be finished out soon.

2009 Maison Ilan Futures will be offered soon! With a small production of below 290 cases, and wine being sold in other countries, the amount I am releasing through Futures will be around 30% of the production to only those on the Mailing List. The plan is to eventually sell as much wine as possible going direct to consumer to save costs and passing this along to Mailing List clients, while not selling to stores or other distribution channels.

Last thing. We are looking at April-July for our move to our house in Burgundy! Soon we will be saying goodbye to California.

Thank you again to everyone for the support!



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