2010 pre-Harvest walkthrough

Lately I have been thinking about 2010’s Harvest. What to expect, what is confirmed, what is needed to be ready, what changes will be made and how to do things more efficiently. Looking at 2009’s Harvest, so many things just went right. When the growing season is slow and non-eventful it is quite easy to juggle things. And, who knows, if I kept things as I did in 2009, things may still just work out great again. Though the way I see it, feeling confident is one thing, being prepared is far better.

A few changes will begin to take place in 2010. We will of course make the wines in Nuits-Saint-Georges, where we will live. The fruit sources from 2009 will stay under our control. Le Chambertin, Charmes-Chambertin and Morey Saint Denis – Les Chaffots will be with us for a good many vintages to come. Think decades.

Also, I am officially on the hunt for some Chambolle-Musigny and some Vosne-Romanée fruit (1er Cru) along with more Gevrey-Chambertin (either 1er Cru or Grand Cru). Don’t get too excited….many others are as well. Still, wish me luck. The garage…I mean cuverie will be set up with mostly to exclusively wooden fermenters. Also, barrels are being set up for this year, all 1 year used oak, same cooper, same forest, same toast level, hopefully same impact on the wines creating an level starting point to show the individuality of each site. That’s right, I won’t be buying any new wood this year. As for leveling the playing field, I felt this option better than 100% new oak across the line. 1 year used oak still has a surprising amount of oak influence (taste, texture, grip, etc). I am also looking at changing the way I buy fruit from weight purchases (actually we use the amount of grapes in kg to produce 1 barrel of grapes) to hopefully buying fruit by maximum hectare yield. This allows me to drop fruit to my preferences while ensuring the owner that they will receive top dollar for their vineyards production.

Well, back to work.


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