Getting ready for THE move

Lately I have been thinking about leaving California. Before now, my thoughts have been on moving to France. Same thing, right? To be sure, the result is indeed the same. However, looking at California as a place where I once lived is quite a thing. Adding to this, its a strange notion that I will no longer live in the United States of America. (pause) Wow. Surely, I can come up with a more educated or apt word to fit the weight of this life altering move. Still, all things considered….wow.

Besides being with flu the last week (comes once every two years for me), I have been getting things together for the move. Calls to Le Havre port in France to speak with customs (les douanes), speaking with container shippers in San Francisco, buying more boxes and bubble wrap, selling appliances that won’t work due to the differences in wattage and frequency in France, the list goes on and on. Not too surprised, but it is a lot to do. With the amount of time I have (or had), things have been going at a smooth and comfortable pace. That said, balancing a move, a new winery, first vintage in barrel, practicing a foreign language and  looking for more fruit this year is quite exciting.

I may be updating infrequently, however if it is of interest, I can post the occasional pic of me either banging my head against the wall or smiling uncontrollably, depending on the time of day of course.


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