Les malos commencée

Alright, I just received news from the lab that indeed the Morey-Saint-Denis 1er Cru ‘Les Chaffots’ and the Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru have just (juste commencée) started malolactic fermentation. Le Chambertin is just a bit behind (pas commencée). Sounds right as the grapes were the last to be brought in, last to start fermentation and to be pressed. Also, I have posted the analysis chart so the numbers can be shown. You will see the topping up wine has yet to begin the malo. This wine is more of my MSD 1er Cru that I produced in 2009.

Charles Gerhin has been a big help in making sure the wines have been topped up while I am away, as well as running analysis for me. So, he has been a big help. Thanks Charles for being such a great friend!

Back to the wines. The cellar is slowly warming up since the weather has been creeping up a few degrees here and there, at times being a few degrees warmer than the San Francisco Bay Area. I will be sure to tell my friends in Burgundy this when they say that California has the best weather in the world. I fully expect the Le Chambertin barrels to start their secondary fermentations shortly. If they don’t, I sure won’t miss any sleep. Each of us should be left at our own natural pace.

Above you may notice which wines have started malolactic fermentation


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