Is time flying again?

Time flies right? Well, for me it has dragged terribly at certain times. The days before first heading to Burgundy, waiting to hear back on fruit sources, and most recently I would have said waiting to move to France. As it turns out, I have seen yet another stage which truly shows my inaccuracy as time has indeed flown by…even if it did so quietly.

The last month or so has been a quiet busy. There was no rushing about, no constant checking my watch or worrying about days disappearing. I looked on towards May, it felt so distant. Now, we are in the thick of it. Boxes have been crammed full (‘yes, honey…I packed them carefully’) and shoved away into oblivion. Did I really tell someone not two weeks ago that moving isn’t all that bad? I really should keep more of my thoughts to myself. Meanwhile, the juggling act continues. Infant daughter in one hand, packing tape in the other, things have managed to fall – or get crammed – into their proper place.

With time running out, I have embraced my (not so) hidden excitement. It truly is an odd thing starting a winery on the other side of the globe and simply leaving, only returning to check in with topping up here and there. Having a friend who is an oenologist working at an analysis lab is quite valuable in this situation. Rest assured, the wines have been well looked after. Back to my last thought. It is quite a feeling to leave something you have worked so hard on. As it is, it has probably been best this way. I am the type that goes to the cave to eat lunch by the barrel to ease my obsessions. It doesn’t work by the way. Once the wine is in barrel, you wait…and check, and wait some more until you can’t stand it…and then you wait until you almost forget the wine is actually meant to be placed into a bottle and enjoyed.

Well, having endured the months of flying to and from France while having the wines cozy beneath our vacant house in Nuits-Saint-Geoerges, we are finally about to move permanently from California. No exclamation point needed. I’m a bit too tired to make use of it anyhow. With just under two weeks remaining we are trying to say farewell to family and friends and really making it a point to enjoy what little time we have left in the US. Bitter sweet? Nah, wouldn’t go that far. But it certainly is quite the feeling to leave behind everything that you know.

Well, back to work….


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