Are we there yet?

We just touched down in after a manic week of packing our things into a container in California, saying goodbye to loved ones and having an adventurous start to our move to France this week!

I am still quite shocked about this all. As we left the tarmac in Philadelphia I looked at my 22 month old daughter knowing that she had no idea how much her life, and really all of our lives had just changed. During my shifts between dreaming and being awake on the plane things really started to hit me. ‘Excited’ would be a major understatement.

Getting into Paris we rented a car and brought all of our luggage into our rental car. Driving off, we remarked at how cool it was to be off to a quick and early start in France. Well, traffic out of Paris was obscene, taking an hour and a half to get out. Once outside of Paris we stopped at a Leclerc supermarket for random things, releived go be safe from Paris.

Oops-spoke to soon. Just then I got a call from baggage at the airpost informing me that I left a bag, my wife’s. Had it been mine I would have left it. Packing the container and moving out from California left me just a few pantry boxed goods away from certain death. We were pretty disappointed to have to return for one bag, and what of our early jump on the day?

Then it hit me….
We aren’t on holiday hoping to get a jump on things and rushing to fulfill a list of activities planned – we’re home! Now that was a real ‘oh sh!t’ moment where everything fell inti place. I may have actually heard a gear synch in.

This is going to be fun…


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