Arriving home, in Burgundy

Pulling up to our home in Nuits-Saint-Georges, we spoke about what we wanted to get done first in the house. Beds, fridge, stove….electricity needs to be put back on – turned off while away. Well, these are the things that logical people think about, my wife is a logical person – thankfully one of us is.

Well, I just kept thinking of oak and fermentations. The smell of it really. I couldn’t wait to smell the cave. When I left after moving the barrels from Saint Aubin the cave smelled of…cave. Just days before, my cave had been filled with nothing but broken bricks, pebbles and dirt.

Opening up the cave doors in the pitch dark night was really an experience. I used my phone for light. Upon opening a cool draft coming from the cave brought a smile to my face. It had been seriously hot that day and having a cool cave was quite welcome.

Walking in I noticed the smells. Beautiful! The cave now smells like home. Things were still tidy, but I’m sure I’ll have much to tinker with. I later remarked to my wife that it now smells like a real winery. She actually looked surprised and replied that it is a real winery. I’m not sure how to describe that moment, but I can tell I will remember it for the rest of my life.


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