Tasting my 09s

During harvest, I chose to do everything I could myself. I found out that much of making wine is just being careful, clean, concise and just a bit crazy. So I did everything just by commonsense, after I was done I ran analysis and the bet paid off. To say I was lucky would be accurate. My experience making wine for other people has given me the fundamentals, basically how not to screw up. With this, I did allow for a few hours of help on the Charmes-Chambertin lot as the sheer volume was a killer and I was helped with pressing from new friends as it was there old press and they thought it may break due to it’s age.

I could have used the help a few times, but I guess I am learning that I am a very stubborn person (who still fights with this description). As such, I was able to get really intimate with the process and I think it has paid off. With all of that said, while I was away in the US, I needed a friend, who works at an analysis lab to top up my wines for me. This was huge since it is really impractical to fly from California to Burgundy every 10 days to top up and being away from my family for long stretches was wearing me thin. The need to have someone helping me presented itself and my friend stepped up, saving me big time.

Nothing was added to the wines besides topping marbles and he was kind enough to pull my samples for analysis. However, I couldn’t wait to get home to do it myself. Hearing how the wines were advancing when I was away was eating away at me. It was almost like having someone give you reports in how your child was learning things or expressing themselves while you are away in another country.

Also, I had a few friends visit the winery to taste while I was away. Reports were favorable so I was excited to see for myself. Today I tried them for the first time in quite a while and I am very happy with their development.

In short, I am quite proud to be a part of this region and my resulting wines

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