2 thoughts on “Malos are going well

  1. Hi Ray! Glad to hear that all of you are feeling at home. I had a question about the cellar, and this year’s wine. Do you have to stack 2-high, or do you have room for another row or two of 1-high barrels? Are you going to leave the 2009 wine alone until bottling or do you have to rack at some point? Cheers, buddy!

  2. Hey Chris,
    thanks for the reply! So, there are 4 rows in total in the cave. I’ve only really used 1 and a half rows with my 2009 production. So, there is a bunch of room to go with barrels stacked one high for two vintages even if I added a cuvĂ©e to my current production level.

    The wines are staying put until hand bottling next year, 2011. No racking, unless there is severe reduction. On that note, the Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru barrel that was reduced has now cleared up without any racking or additions whatsoever.

    Thanks again for asking!


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