Life in Burgundy

How long have I been wanting to write this entry? Words cannot do justice to the way this feels. Saying ‘let’s go home’ and meaning Nuits-Saint-Georges is a real bell ringer and something that has actually kept me up at night thinking about. Before leaving to Burgundy from Northern California, I often thought about what this would feel like. I’m not quite sure that it matches up with how I thought it may be. Its all a bit more….real.

So, how is life in France? Things are going well. I’m sitting here and thinking about the calmness of it all. There is indeed a different pace to it all out here that really meshes with my personality. Not my California personality, my new French personality which is much more patient, into nature and a glass of wine at lunch.

Yesterday, I spoke with a friend who asked me to ask my wife if things felt comfortable in France, if things felt ‘right’. The response from my wife made me realize further that we made the right decision. Sure, the wine is tasting great  -why shouldn’t it – but the goal is to be happy, right? And, hearing that my wife is happy just means the world to me. To see my daughter smiling as she rides the carousel in Beaune really means a lot to me. I want both, you know. The dream and the practical life. Greedy? Sure. But, I am quite thankful to have it this way. I know it is a blessing, and I intend to make the most out of it.

Moving forward, life in Burgundy has been much much more than just drinking wine, cheeses, beautiful landscapes and great food. Well, maybe just a bit more. As it turns out, there isn’t too much difference in life in Burgundy (so far) versus life in California. For example, there are movie theaters, McDonald’s (can’t eat it in either place for too long), bad drivers, too many tourists (not me!), nothing on cable, poor cell phone coverage, expensive gas (gazoil) and there are so many places that are within a two hours drive or train ride.

Alright, honestly, things may be a bit different. The movie theater in Nuits has just one movie playing. If something is playing, you better go quickly. There is usually just one showing a day. Sex and the City just replaced Prince of Persia and I’m not too thrilled about that at all. Next, shopping carts here are crazy. They have no locked back wheels so each wheel spins completely. Sounds like its not a big deal until you try to steer one. Next, everything is closed on Sundays, or whenever the owner doesn’t wish to have a shop open. This is fun when you drive an hour to go somewhere and the place is closed. Don’t complain, this is France! Next, speed cameras on the freeway bite into some of the fun which I had when I was younger and more Californian.

Not all is lost, wifi is fast, food can be cheap, television can be free (aside from bonus subscriptions), people care about saying hello, the air is fresh, there are always sales at the supermarket, meats, cheeses and pastries are to be found everywhere and life here is much easier for families. There are countless things that have stood out as reasons why I know things will continue to go well here in Burgundy. All in all. I am just happy that my family is happy and that the wines are steadily advancing. Playing out the realities of one’s dreams can never be too hard on your spirits. This is something that occurred to me while I was struggling to pull up a massive tree in my garden last weekend. The work towards something you believe in can never be in vain. Knowing this puts a great deal of things into perspective for me.

Well, with my wifi now up and running I will be sure to post more updates.


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