Moving forward: 100% wooden tanks!

I’m excited to share that this year I will be using all wooden tanks for my fermentations. No more stainless steel. Last year, I used a Rousseau tank for the Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru. This year, I will use all wooden tanks as they mesh with a number of my thoughts/philosophies about winemaking. One of which is covered by having all fermentations done in the same type of fermentation vessel. Having a mix leaves room for someone to prefer a wine simply because of a unique choice which I made on a particular cuvée rather than enjoying the differences of terroir.

The change means a few things. I have to be sure to maintain the cleanliness of the tanks on a level that is much more demanding that which is called for while using a stainless steel tank. Also, my garage (read: cuverie) will be able to house several tanks which are wider, lower and much more space efficient than the tall cylindrical steel tanks. This is a big move and I cannot wait to take delivery of two of my four tanks next week. I won’t be using my Rousseau tank as the height makes it impossible to do punchdowns in the cuverie, also, its best to have all the tanks made by the same tonnellerie to ensure uniformity through a lack of variables. This is with the sole intention of highlighting terroir as the main (and hopefully only) variable between lots.

Lastly, I have been offered fruit from a 1er Cru in Gevrey-Chambertin. It would only be 2 barrels, but very interesting terroir. Maybe a 5th tank will need to be ordered….


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