The Cuverie is coming together

Things have been really busy around here the last week. I’ve been painting up a storm…and things are looking almost as they should. I still have a bunch of touchup work to do. I was set to get some of my new wooden tanks (for primary fermentation) this last week but one of the foudrier’s crew got sick pushing the delivery date to Monday. This gave me a few more days to paint in the cuverie and to finish the doors. This is great so I don’t have to worry about having paint around the new tanks. There are odorless paints but I wanted to be sure and just do it the right way. So, when Monday gets here, I’ll have a nice clean space for the new tanks (two of the four at least). Don’t worry, the interior of the cuverie is a plain white. 😉

5 thoughts on “The Cuverie is coming together

  1. Ray, I am sure you have taken all precautions but some locals have managed to mess up a vintage or two when renovating their cuverie so I urge caution…… the way I am very curious about this new vineyard you have lined up in GC is it the 1er thats never seen???????

    cheers Phil

  2. Hey Phil,
    thanks for the heads-up and for posting a comment! My renovations have just been to sweep up all the dust, clean out the debris that was left including old lamps, mop the concrete floor and to paint with some no odor white paint. So, hopefully things will be ok. I’ve also left the doors open 3 days after the paint was dry.

    The cave hasn’t seen any work aside from sweeping, dusting, adding rocks, placing in cement runners and placing the barrels in. I also siphoned using gravity to fill the barrels. So, everything is low to no tech at the winery. 😉

    What are some of the mistakes that other producers have made? Hopefully I can steer clear of them. 🙂

    The 1er Cru is one that I’ve never really seen a bottle of somehow, on the edge, just close to Mazis….


  3. Hi Ray, sorry for delay been searching for the info which still escapes me but from memory one famous domaine had some treatments to his internal roof timbers which somehow ruined that vintage but you seem to be taking low tech route which is to be appluaded in this day and age. I think the 1er your looking at is seen from Bachelat in the main? I was thinking more or should I say hoping more, of the 1er that is hidden within Petite Chapelle.


  4. Hey Phil,
    no worries. How are you? I’m pretty high tech, just depends on which century we are talking about. 🙂
    As for 1er Crus. There are now two available. Not sure I am picking up either. I really like the terroir that I have now. Four wines could be interesting though. Who knows…

    Thanks again for adding something to the blog!


  5. Great to find your winery via that nice Bloomberg piece, which i hope brings you lots of business (and investors). Wish i’d known about you a month ago when a friend and i were touring burgundy for wines and obscure chateaus to visit. a great trip. maybe next time?
    all the best to you and your venture

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