More cuverie progress

Early X-mas: Two of my four tanks coming into my courtyard

Today was a bit like an early X-mas for me. With the rain coming down hard on Monday morning, I was told I may not get my tanks that day. I wasn’t quite sure how the tanks could be damaged while being wrapped in plastic, but I figured why rush? Thankfully, the bizarre weather continued, this time going from intense rains to California summer-like temps allowing for the tanks to be delivered.

These wood beams were used to roll off the wooden tanks

With no fork lift at the winery, I was assured we would still be ok for the dismounting of the tanks. Using two 20 foot long wooden runners, we rolled the tanks off the truck, over some flat wooden runners which made their way into the cuverie and it all went fairly well. After having a tank in the cuverie, we placed four motorscooter tires on the floor, and raised the tank onto them. After jacking them up with a 50 year old truck jack we were able to place the temporary wooden stands. Each tank has four wood pieces that make the stand. They arrive with two and the other two are placed on while removing the temporary wood stands once the tanks are in place.

Tanks are in place, waiting for hardware

Since we needed to roll these tanks off the truck, the tanks came with all of the hardware unattached. Thankfully the tank producer was more than happy to install everything on location. Temp gauge, tasting valve, the standard two valves (one for evacuation of wine and one for evacuation of water). No doors were ordered as these are really short enough to simply shovel out the marc on press day measuring just around 5’10” or so. The tank in the corner is the largest tank I will have. So, punchdowns should be really easy without bumping my head. This is priceless.

Hardware attached after just 45 minutes

Tanks are in place and hardware is attached. After some quick measurements, the small tank is placed quite close to a door which gives me a lot of room. I initially hesitated since I didn’t think it would fit. However, things feel just right in there. The other tanks will line up against the walls quite well, giving me room to clean in between them as well as allowing for space for whatever may be needed. I also have room in the cuverie for various tools in a separate away away from the tanks. Punchdown equipment, temp gauges…maybe a few other things which I don’t really but they are nice to have.

Of note, I am not sure what to do with this last steel tank of mine. I have a tank for topping up already. However, the steel tank has a lot of extra equipment added on. Its a nice tank. Anyhow, I think about it. As of now, there is plenty of room to allow it to hang out for awhile. There is much more room (maybe forget that ‘much’ part) than there appears to be from the pics. I’ll try to shoot some more today.