Delivery of the press

Two days ago, I decided it was much easier to pick up my press instead of having it delivered. Another issue was that delivery was set cost more than the press itself. That wouldn’t have seemed right.

The past owner turned out to be quite helpful. With just the two of us, we backed my rented truck and trailor into his garage where the press was located. We then ratcheted the press up the ramp of the trailor and centered it. After all of this, we made sure to cinch it down so much that I was thinking it would take forever to undo once I got home. No worries, I thought, this is several hours away…I’ll deal with it then.

Turns out that I found out the answer to that concern not 15 minutes later as on my way out of his garage, press in tow, we noticed that the height of the press atop the trailor threatened to take out a chunk of the façade of his garage if I advanced forward.

So, we dismounted it. To be specific, his idea was to back the two back wheels down onto the ramp if the trailor to lower the height and perhaps change the angle of the press screw since we needed to drive up his driveway to get out.

I told him that his floor would get damaged, but he said go for it. Several burned rubber marks, scratches in concrete and stone tile later, the press was out safely. On the way home, I was getting more and more anxious to have everything set up and in place.

Once I got home, I was greeted by a young neighbor who was having a party with about 20 people in his apartment. One yelled down from the window to me that he could help. When he came down, some of the girls threw buckets of cold water down below, drenching the poor guy. Well, we did all laugh about it. With the noise of laughter on our little street, other neighbors peeked out through their drapes. It was 10pm afterall. Luckily, more guys came down to help, about 12 in total, it was quite a sight and really an amazing thing to have all of these people I don’t know doing their best to lend me a hand. My wife and daughter came out too, startled by the amount of people helping and watching. Suffice to say, a few more people know now that there is either a new crazy person or wine maker on the block.


Note: Photos in garage were taken at previous owner’s garage.

I had a very long drive to pick the press up. I’d never heard of the village, but it was one of the prettiest places I’ve seen here in France. The views from the rocky cliffs were amazing. On a side note, the area around the previous owner’s house has it’s own church dating back to the 4th or 5th century. Its amazing to think exactly where simple drives will take you while here.

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