Gevrey-Chambertin Grand Cru lithograph from 1855

Note the birds in the lower section which correspond to the sites directly above

With so much thinking about the vineyards, I’ve buried my head in book after book. I had told myself that I wouldn’t open the Lavalle book unless it was for something important since the binding is nearly gone. I have recently decided to have either a new binding, such as what the Danguy et Aubertin 1892 has, or some sort of leather book holder.

As I was saying, I was to not open the book unless it was for good reason. Well, I’m finally having a website setup by a professional. And, we’ve been looking at some of these old photos in the books to be inspired. I decided it was about time to scan the lithograph of Gevrey-Chambertin from the original Lavalle book so I could stare at it longer without worrying about opening and closing the book. What is interesting in the litho is the method of identifying the vineyards. Small birds are to be found at the bottom of the page with the vineyard name next to it. If you follow in a straight line just above the bird below, you will find a bird in the depiction as well in the proper vineyard. Interesting, yet simple concept. Anyhow, please enjoy the litho.


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