Visas in hand!

Over the last year and a half I have been very busy. Goes without saying, sure. Making the wine, as so many people told me before embarking on this journey is certainly the easier part. A common question that I have been asked from friends has been regarding acquiring a visa in France. I’ve mostly replied that I had it all under control, which is true. I had used the 3 month vacation visa several times over that period of time. Thankfully only a few times did I get into situations where I was placed under the gun due to a lack of a full work visa. In effect, I was able to do quite a few things while on ‘vacation’, buy grapes, start a French company, set up a winery, acquire the proper licensing and produce wine…all on ‘vacation’.

As nice as this was, we needed something much more stable to live full time in France. Initially, I had been told about the grueling path to getting this work visa. Nothing about it seemed easy. There was a long list of documents which I read at the time filled with roughly 20 documents which were in French that I had no idea of how to obtain them. Throughout this time, I gathered my documents and kept doing everything I could with my limited access. I found ways to make things work. This was always the more difficult way to do things. But, without a visa, you really are pressed against the wall in every aspect.

Just two weeks ago, I was again placed under the gun. This time, my wife, daughter and I were required to apply for our full visas or we would place much of our life in France in jeopardy. I tried to remain confident. Yet it seemed that with the slim amount of time allotted us, there was a great chance that something, anything could go wrong.

Thankfully, we have continued to be blessed. Just yesterday, we all received our visas! This now gives us a world of possibilities. Having the work visa set up now is a tremendous achievement. This is quite important since I truly don’t know how far we would have gotten without it.

Well, that’s enough celebrating for now. Off to work!


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