2009 Charmes-Chambertin has just completed Malo

Normally, I’d shrug and say that this is just part of a typical fermentation process that most wines go through. However, its worth noting that the Charmes-Chambertin 2009 has finally finished malo since Le Chambertin finished nearly four months earlier! Each of the 3 – 2009 wines went through both fermentations without the aid of commercial yeasts or any other additives besides sulphur. Going further, the wines really did move along at their own pace. The fermentations were also not encouraged by way of heating poles or adjusting temperatures in the cave or cuverie. We wanted a long malo and thankfully luck was there once again. Of note Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru ‘Les Chaffots’ 2009 has yet to finish, but is 95% of the way finished. I will be sure to post up the analysis for a few of you out there that like to see technical data. You will notice (once I post the tech sheet) that the ph levels are fairly high, giving lower actual acidities to the wines. For me personally, along with many that have tasted 2009, this is typical to see numbers such as these. Though thankfully, the fruit tastes a lot brighter than the numbers might suggest.

Well, stay tuned for the tech sheet.


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