Barrels are in place and ready to be filled with 2010s

Yesterday we received our shipment of barrels from Chassin. We will be using 0% new oak for all appellations, Le Chambertin included. For the most part, these are barrels which housed reds from 2008 and 2007. They are in excellent condition, clean, sulphured and ready to be filled. Getting the barrels down the stairs wasn’t too difficult. I just took my time, placed the barrels on their heads (ends) and shimmied them down. Lifting the five up top for the second row was a bit more interesting. The weight wasn’t that bad. But, centering the bung holes in the proper position required a great deal of back and forth. All things considered, I was having a lot of fun. Whenever a delivery such as this happens, I can’t wait to get to work and have everything in place. With these barrels in place, all 21 of them (doubled 2009 production!!), it just feels so much more substantial.

Starting on Wednesday, we will begin pressing. We won’t use any pumps. We will have a hose going straight from the tanks, leading downstairs into the cave and filling the barrels using gravity. We will also have a hose that is coming from the press juice collection bin leading straight into the cave. This is going to be a fun we ahead!

2 thoughts on “Barrels are in place and ready to be filled with 2010s

  1. are you running wine straight from the press to barrel or settling for a time first? also keen to hear your take on the ‘no plunging till post ferment’ thing. i heard they were doing that at de Vogue too.

  2. Hey Kirk,
    we are going straight from tank to barrel for the free run, and straight from the press to barrel for the press juice. Both of these are done with gravity. Today, Wednesday, we were rained out. We look forward to better weather tomorrow.

    As for starting pigeage just before fermentation is done, this is just an idea based strictly upon my preference for steeping tea. I have noticed less over extraction, less harsh tannins, and altogether more nuance when I simply allow the tea to steep until peek temp and then stir. Up until that point, the tea rests. Same thought with the wines.

    Also, there is a level of freshness that we hope to retain in all of this. You know, I think I may just do a post on the topic. Though pretty much everything that I do is based upon intuition and history…not much science to back all of this up….thank goodness. 😉

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