2009s Sold Out, thank you!

A good bit of time has passed since I last posted. We’ve been pretty swamped meeting with visitors, critics and getting everything sorted away with allocations. The great news is that our 2009s are sold out!

We placed the 2009s on release for those interested in futures in March of 2010. We will do the same for those on the active client list for the 2010s for the month of March 2011.

This is all quite a shock. At no point had I imagined that I wouldn’t have enough wine to meet interest or indeed get to this point prior to bottling.

I know that this success is large in part made possible by those that have thankfully supported us since the beginning (and continue to do so) . To everyone that has dropped a comment, read or mentioned the blog, visited the micro-cuverie, posted notes or just simply mentioned us to someone else, thank you! You have made an incredible impact for all of us in my family.



2 thoughts on “2009s Sold Out, thank you!

  1. Just coming back to see if I could still buy a Maison Ilan 2009 future. Argh! Sold out! I waited too long. Well, keep me on your list for the 2010 model, and I’m glad the venture is working out for you!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Phredd. We were very surprised to receive such a response in our first year. Make sure to keep in touch. We have closed the client list a few months ago. However, I intend to make sure those on the active list will have wine offered to them first.

    Thank you again for the support!!

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