White Floors

Alright, this just may be one of the oddest things I’ve done to date. Sure. Doing this in winter is even more of an odd choice. There is a good reason why white floors aren’t too common, one of which is that it is without a doubt the least practical color to have for a floor due to the work involved keeping it look clean.

Now, here’s my thought:
I think a red or black floor would look great. However, while looking nice, these colors can do a lot in hiding dirt, debris, etc. Having a white floor is a pain to maintain, however you can be assured that what dirt is there is much easier to see and to clean. Besides, you can’t truly clean what you cannot see. As before, odorless paint was used.

If I can find a better way to be thorough other than having a floor such as this, I will give it a try. For now, this seems to be the best option.



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