2010 in the books, on to 2011!

With the end of 2010 coming in just a few hours, I have been reflecting on just how fortunate we were throughout the year. Just this year, we tracked malos for our 2009s, moved to Nuits-Saint-Georges, finally received our visas, received many visitors at our home winery, harvested our 2010s, sold out our 2009s before they were in bottle, and settled into our home and new surroundings! I can’t really say that I planned things so well as the fact is that we rolled with the flow of things and it all just fell into place, at least it feels this way. Its hard to look at all that has passed and not feel extremely blessed and altogether fortunate to have the opportunities which have been presented to us.

With 2011 just on the horizon, I have been focused on picking out packaging (bottles, corks, capsules – or wax, boxes) as well as working on the new label designs for Charmes-Chambertin ‘Aux Charmes’ and Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru ‘Les Chaffots’. Le Chambertin may largely remain as it was shown earlier. It’s been on my mind quite a bit how odd it will be to have the wines moved from barrel to bottle. I’ve grown accustomed to checking in on the wines in barrel, having the 09s to one side, the 10s to the other; the chais filled with a full representation of our efforts here over the last two years.  With this in mind, I am getting increasingly anxious to see the wines filled in their bottles, labels on, and ready for the long evolution which lies ahead.

Of course its not too early to think about Harvest 2011. To this point, I have been actively looking for a few more fruit sources, enough to bring in 4 more barrels of fruit. Looking ahead to plans for the next harvest, if I could have everything go as well as 2010, I will be very pleased. No new oak will stay a permanent part of our planning, as well as keeping each vinification process identical between lots. We will also be sourcing from the same climats as in 2010, which is GREAT news as I am thoroughly enjoying everything that each terroir has been expressing.

I wanted to also take a moment to thank everyone that has been a part in supporting our family and Maison Ilan. You have each helped in giving us the opportunity to live out a dream. We hope that you all have had a great 2010 and wish you all a brilliant 2011!!



2 thoughts on “2010 in the books, on to 2011!

  1. It is a kick to follow your progress. We hope to stop by one day on our travels from Copenhagen. Happy new year. Rgds, Chris

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