2009 Labels (a work in progress)

As you can see from the above images, we’ve decided to number each of the three cuvées. With the variable of marbles inside the barrels, it is seriously difficult to know how many bottles we will have for each appellation. So, we will have the printer run the labels pretty much as you see them above with each label numbered. We have an excess amount being printed. After we get a full count of each appellation, we will go back and hand stamp or write in how many bottles were produced. Sounds fun? Please, feel free to drop by and share in the excitement. We may be able to use a few more hands. 😉

5 thoughts on “2009 Labels (a work in progress)

  1. I love the labels. Very classy. What I like most is the 13% alcohol 🙂 Always been a fan of the old de Montille wines with less alcholol. There was/is a nice coolness about them.

    Living your dream is simply marvellous. I’ve been visiting the Cote on and off since 1987 but sadly never managed to have a job in finance! 😉

    I dropped you a little email on my registration and on UK Wine-Pages. We’ll be about 16-19 May and if there’s any possibility of a quick visit thatw ould be great.

    Keep up the marvellous work.

  2. Thank you Simon! They are of course a work in progress. I’m happy with them so far. Can’t wait to see them on a bottle in the next couple of weeks!


  3. Sorry I missed the 2009 offer. Keep me posted on 2010 though.

    Just replied to your email and been reading your comments on UK Wine-pages.

    I see you’re dealing with Becky and Russell. Great news. We’re hoping to pop on to see them this year to say hallo.


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