Printing 2009 labels

Just back from the printers with tons of photos. The labels will be run in two steps. Today, the majority of the printing was done. Next week, the labels will be unspooled and ran through an older windmill press to add the individual label numbering. They actually run an amount over my intended quantities and spot-check for quality since a drop in ink level will have a strong result on image quality and definition.

I have been terribly impressed with this printer. Many of the presses here are over 100 years old. The press used for the majority of the label printing was much more modern, though the numbering will be done on a much older press. One thing that I was interested in viewing was the level of detail on the crown of Le Chambertin and the quality of greyscale. After viewing the run today, I feel like we are in great hands.

Label test on our bottle. Standard bottle. It will fit well in racking


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