2009 Bottling Date April 18th – 2011

Hello everyone,

things have been quite busy here as of late. A trial bottling run on March 3rd. We ordered our corks from a cork supplier in Corsica as a friend has had promising results. The corks were ordered with only paraffin wax with no silicon to keep things as natural as possible. On the day of the trial bottling, an issue was clearly seen with the corks.

In the days prior to the corks arriving in Nuits, the weather between here and Corsica was especially chilly. This caused the wax to crystalize. This is near impossible to see with the naked eye. As a result, the corks simply would not enter the bottles all of the way. We ran roughly 25 bottles of MSD 1er Cru “Les Chaffots” attempting to make adjustments before we decided to pull the plug. A quick call to the cork supplier and within 20 minutes, the rest of the corks were being sent back down to Corsica for analysis. The issue was quickly found and new corks were pressed. We are waiting for warmer temps to have the corks sent to us this time around. Lesson learned!

It was quite lucky to find this issue early, better still to have a fast turnaround in finding the solution! We have planned for April 18th as our bottling date. This gets right in the window (after the spring equinox and before Easter – April 24th) which is quite important for bottling here in Burgundy. The thought is that the wines do better to be jump started by the recently arrived spring (vernal) equinox.

More updates to follow



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