2009 Labels, complete lineup revisions

Hello everyone,

as they do at times, things have changed yet again. I’ve decided to go back to an earlier concept. Of course, we are just a few days away from bottling, but I wanted to make sure we had everything right. The other detail is that we will need to have a completely new run of labels, for each wine. Each labal will be run once for all of the large details, with a final run to include the individual numbering for each bottle.

After endless concepts, several revisions and an actual printing of labels which will never be used, we are finally happy. It was truly worth all of the extra effort.




2 thoughts on “2009 Labels, complete lineup revisions

  1. Hey John,
    glad to hear that, John. The Maison Ilan should have been red a while back but somehow when we changed a few other details, this one was forgotten until I viewed the copy I had on CellarTracker. Looking at the labels that were already printed, I thought these to be better, no question.

    Thank you again for your support for our wines and in reading (and commenting on) our blog.

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