A few pics from Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru ‘les Chaffots’



By the looks of things, we are 3-4 weeks ahead of ‘average’. In the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t mean too much as there rarely is the vintage that obeys averages and anything can happen at any point in the growing season. Of note, it’s been fairly warm here this year as we entered and exited winter quite early. Temperatures have been amazingly comfortable here, nice and sunny, the vines are certainly taking advantage of the heat and brightness.


6 thoughts on “A few pics from Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru ‘les Chaffots’

  1. Agreed nice pics Ray, thanks. Much affection here for Morey after my 2008 & 2010 vendanges with Arlaud.

    Good to se everything looking in fine fettle from the climatic conditions etc – an early harvest this year would suit me as you know but fully agree long way to go yet!

    How many rows do you have fruit from here (say as per the top pic) or is it number of vines rather than rows ? Thanks.

    My regards to Mrs W and the little one.


  2. Hello Mark
    thank you for the comment! And yes, you are certainly an honorary Loupe after your two stages here.

    I know the early harvest is good for you, but I’m going to keep right on wishing for a longer one. 😉 All kidding aside, I hope it works out for the both of us!

    From the picture, I have all of the vines pictured on the ridge I was standing in while shooting as well as maybe the same amount again to the left. Rows? Possibly 30.

    Thanks again, I’ll let them know that you said hello

  3. Hi Ray

    glad to see everything has survived the early bud break, many I visited in Chassagne during my April visit had everything crossed for no frost.

    Hope all is well with you.



  4. Hey Phil
    thanks for the comment! I should have some better pics up within a week to provide more detail. Everything is nice and sunny here. I’m just anxious to try one of the 09s after bottling to see how they are showing. Meanwhile, I must seem like the vineyard lurker spending so much time there.

    I hope everything is going well on our side as well!


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