Charmes-Chambertin “Aux Charmes Haute”

So, I figured I would make a bit of a change while getting the labels redone. There is great importance in specifying the location of one’s vines in Charmes-Chambertin since the appellation is so large and varied. Due to laws going back over 150 years, owners of the adjacent vineyard Mazoyères have the ability to label their wines as Charmes-Chambertin.
There are also two officially named places (lieux dits) of Aux Charmes, both also known as Charmes proper. One Aux Charmes is located just on the other side of the Route des Grands Cru, a mere just 20 feet from Chambertin. The other is situated further East, in the direction of the Route National 74, resting to the North of Mazoyères which actually reaches down to the road. Both “Aux Charmes” lieu dits are generally understood to produce more compelling wines than those from either of the two Mazoyères sections, one of which extends to the road below. Interestingly enough, the Saône Fault is between Aux Charmes and Mazoyères.
In MJ Lavalle’s Histoire et Statistique de la Vignes et Des Grands Vins de la Côte d’Or‘, written in 1855 which would later prove to lay the groundwork for the classification system which we use today, he notes Le Chambertin (including Clos-de-Bèze) as the only Tête de Cuvée in Gevrey-Chambertin with the next level mentioning the Charmes (Haute). The next rank down includes both Aux Charmes (Bas) and Mazoyères. We source all of our Charmes-Chambertin fruit from the Charmes section which is closer to Le Chambertin, Charmes (Haute). Placing ‘Haute’ on our label provides not only further details on the specific terroir within the bottle, it also allows us to show that we are dedicated to respecting the timeless history of these cherished terroirs.

2 thoughts on “Charmes-Chambertin “Aux Charmes Haute”

  1. Ray

    I see that Lavalle quotes Haute as 3ha and Bas as 9ha compared to todays declared combined total of 12.24.56ha, not a lot of change over the years, but I can find no current information on these as seperate lieu-dit do you have any recent information on their relevant size?



  2. Hey Phil
    good call. I also used Haute singular instead of Hautes as I believe he used this only since Charmes is plural (only because there are two of these lieux dits). Nowadays, as you know, we have Aux Charmes with no specific mention of the higher or lower section. Aux Charmes is making reference of the multiple sections of Charmes. In this use which we currently use, they have done away with the need of clarifying which section is which as they both refer to each other in the given name. Confusing, but they have indeed mucked things up quite a bit. I really wish it would have been left at Charmes Hautes or Bas. As it stands, I am obliged to make the mention on the label, though there is no clear marker on size, only physical shape and outline. There is a noticeable fault line separating the two Aux Charmes, which we are on the side above, closer to Le Chambertin. As for size of this specific lieu dit, I am currently in the dark…though this will soon change.


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