White-out, Red-in

I’ve been fortunate so far that I haven’t had to make too many adjustments once a decision has been made. I can’t attribute this to my ideas being that well thought out. Though, generally, I have some form of logic in place before deciding to move forward.

As a few of you may have read during the winter, I decided to paint my cuverie floors white. I figure this would help me see where the dirt was, further helping me be more thorough in my clean up. Well, who would have thought (everyone perhaps) that this was not only an odd idea, but one that was certain and begging to not succeed.

The other bit that I failed to mention before was that this white paint was odorless, though it wasn’t for floors necessarily. Long story short, after just a few weeks, the paint was stained, chipped and cracked along with being discolored.

It is with great pleasure that I found an alternative. I decided to chuck the idea of white paint. Turns out that I am just as obsessive an thorough no matter the color on the floor. Also, I am using garage floor paint that is washable, and able to withstand high traffic and heavy traffic. This is an oil-based paint so it isn’t going anywhere. There us also a uv protectant as well. Not too special but at least I know it won’t fade anytime soon.

A week in and I’m feeling confident that this will help in cleanup as the water or wine would bead up on the surface of the paint, plus sweeping up is a lot easier when there aren’t cracks for dust and debris to hide in. In a few months, we will be harvesting. I am quite pleased in knowing all of the off season work has paid off and the cuverie (Read: garage) are now 100% set and prepared for 2011’s harvest.






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